Credit Terms of Use

How Credit Works

Woohoo! You’ve got Credit. Think of it like a gift voucher that you can use to purchase offers from Print Perfect Creative.

Here’s how it works:

  • Credit can be applied toward one big item, or it can be broken up and used to purchase multiple smaller items
  • Credit can be used to purchase almost anything we offer (see details below)
  • Credit must be used before purchasing and cannot be applied retroactively
  • Credit is the direct equivalent to paying and can be used during promotions and launches, which means you’ll be entitled to any discounts or bonuses that are being offered

How to Redeem Credit

To use some or all of your Credit, simply send an email to [email protected] with the names of the offer(s) for which you would like to redeem your Credit.

You will either:

  • Receive a coupon to be used at checkout
  • Receive access to the offer(s) directly

Your request should be processed within 24-48 hours.

If you are writing to redeem Credit within the last few hours of a launch or promotion, any discounts, offers or bonuses will be honoured provided that:

  1. We receive an email from you before the time at which the promotion ends
  2. If we send you a coupon to be used at checkout, you use the coupon within 48 hours of the time at which we sent it

How Credit Can Be Used

Credit can be redeemed for any product that we sell, except for:

  • Memberships (excluding the first payment)
  • More Credit
  • Offers that involve other business owners (e.g. paid bundles where multiple businesses have come together to offer their products at a discount)
  • Bundle sponsorships

Credit Validity & Expiry

Unless otherwise specified, Credit is only valid for a fixed period of time. Once your Credit has been issued, you will receive an email confirming the Credit amount and expiry date.

Your Credit is valid until 11:59 PM Pacific on the expiry date, after which any unused Credit will no longer be redeemable. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis where there are extenuating circumstances.

We will send courtesy reminders 60 and 14 days before your Credit’s expiry date, but please keep in mind that it is your sole responsibility to make sure you use your Credit before it expires.

Credit Terms

Credit is non-refundable:

  • Credit is non-refundable, except where required by Canadian law
  • Items purchased using Credit are subject to the terms laid out in our refund policy, and any refunds on items that were purchased using Credit will be refunded in Credit rather than in cash (with a revised expiry date if needed)

Credit is non-transferrable:

  • Credit cannot be transferred to another person or business under any circumstance
  • If you have accumulated Credit under several different email addresses belonging to you, you can write to [email protected] in order to have the entire balance amalgamated under one single email address

Credit can be removed or restricted:

  • Where Credit has been given as a bonus or gift, we reserve the right to revoke it or restrict its usage in case of abuse or exceptional circumstances, such as defaulting on payment plans

How to Check Credit Balance

You can check your Credit balance at any time by emailing [email protected] and providing the email address(es) to which the Credit was issued.