PLR License Terms

All of our PLR templates include a commercial use license allowing you to use our templates to create lead magnets or products that can be sold on your website, in your Shopify store or on platforms like Etsy. Unless otherwise stated within the product itself, our PLR templates can be used in the following ways:

Acceptable Uses

  • You CAN use our templates for personal (non-commercial) projects.
  • You CAN use our templates to create lead magnets or opt-in freebies in order to grow your email list.
  • You CAN use our templates to create products to sell on your website, in your Shopify store or on platforms like Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers and Amazon KDP. There is no limit to the amount of times these products can be sold, but please note that you may only grant your customers personal and/or school use.
  • You CAN use our templates, with or without modifications, to create finished digital, physical or POD end-products to give away or sell. Digital products must be provided to customers as flattened PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, etc. and may not be further edited by your customers in Canva.
  • You CAN use our templates to create fillable PDFs for your customers’ personal use.
  • You CAN use our templates to create personal-use products for editable template sites like Templett or Corjl, as long as the template design has been flattened so that only the text can be edited, and you are using your own, appropriately-licensed graphics.
  • You CAN customize our templates to suit your brand or stylistic preferences by changing fonts, colours and backgrounds, or by adding and removing graphic elements to create unique end-products.
  • You CAN brand your finished products as your own by adding your name and/or website URL.
  • You CAN bundle our products with other products or use our templates to create products that will be used in giveaways, given away as bonuses or added to free or paid membership sites (as long the membership does not grant commercial use or resell rights to its members).
  • You CAN use individual templates to create multiple separate products, for instance by breaking up larger bundles into several individual pages or smaller bundles.

Prohibited Uses

  • You CANNOT share the download page or source files with others.
  • You CANNOT resell or give away the editable Canva templates, in part or in whole, whether with or without modifications. You may only use them to create completed end-products in formats like PDF, JPG and PNG.
  • You CANNOT give away products created using our templates by making them freely available for download without an opt-in form (though of course, compliance with GDPR and other regulations is both acceptable and encouraged). This is to keep things fair for others who have purchased our templates.
  • You CANNOT pass on commercial use or resell rights to your customers. The products you create using our templates, whether free or paid, should grant customers personal and/or school use only.
  • You CANNOT use our templates to create PLR products of any kind, including free or paid products with resell rights, master resell rights, private label rights, or products inside PLR membership sites. Instead, please refer others to our shop.
  • You CANNOT sell the templates on sites like Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles or Creative Market, or offer them as gigs on Fiverr or other freelancing sites.
  • You CANNOT use our templates for mass commercial production. This means that you may not use our templates when working with a commercial production company to create products that will be mass-produced and sold on a large scale.
  • You CANNOT deconstruct or extract the graphics from our templates and use them in other projects, or sell them on a standalone basis, even with modifications.
  • You CANNOT claim our template designs as your own, or claim copyright over our templates or over products created using our templates, even if the templates have been modified to create a finished end-product.
  • You CANNOT use the names Sacha Hashim or Print Perfect Creative on your finished products.

When selling products made using our templates on third-party platforms like Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers, please make sure that you respect any and all terms that are specific to that platform.

For instance, while our PLR license allows for selling products without modifications as finished end-products, Etsy has a handmade policy that requires sellers to do more than just customize the fonts and colours on templates. This means that if you are using our templates to create products that will be sold on Etsy rather than on your own website, you will need to turn the templates into something unique in order to comply with Etsy’s terms.

In addition, modifying our templates to create unique end-products will help you stand out against the competition on platforms where other sellers may also be using PLR templates as a starting point for their products.

Please note that you are solely responsible for reading and complying with the terms of any platform on which you choose to sell your products, and that we cannot be held liable for anything that happens as a result of your not complying with those terms.

If you have any questions about our license terms, please contact us by email at [email protected] or via the form on our contact page. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!