Use These Free Resources to Grow Your Business!

21 Ways to Use PLR in Your Business

Mockup of the pages in the 8-page ebook: "21 Ways to Use PLR in Your Business".

Are you using PLR in your business? This short guide contains 21 ideas that will help you leverage PLR to make your business more efficient and more profitable!

Boho Colour-Changeable Clipart (PLR)

Screenshot of 6 boho-themed clipart images, coloured and black-and-white.

Make your printables look totally unique with this colour-changeable clipart set that can be customized in Canva! Our PLR license means you can use the graphics as-is in your designs.

Polka Dot Planner Template (PLR)

Mockup of 11-page polka dot planner.

This polka dot planner set with PLR rights is the perfect way to get started with creating planners! Use this freebie to kickstart your product creation and take our templates for a test drive.

Handprint & Footprint Sizing Chart

Mockup of various handprint and footprint templates in various sizes.

Use this handy sizing chart to create handprint and footprint art templates that are both pretty and functional! Check out our full tutorial on YouTube to find out how.