Colour-Changeable Spring Clipart with PLR Rights

Elevate your designs with this set of 30 adorable hand-drawn graphics that can be colour-customized in Canva! Use this clipart to create a variety of kids’ activities, including colour worksheets, cut-and-paste activities, colouring sheets and so much more.

Screenshot of 30 colourful spring-themed clipart images.

Our PLR license means you can use these spring-themed graphics to create unique lead magnets or products to sell on your website or on third-party platforms like Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers and Amazon KDP—without needing to modify or layer them like you would with a regular commercial-use license.

This set includes:

  • 30 colour-changeable clipart images (colours can be customized in Canva)
  • 30 black-and-white line art images (colours can be customized in Canva)
  • 30 colourful PNG files with transparent backgrounds (colours cannot be customized)
  • 30 black-and-white PNG files with transparent backgrounds (colours cannot be customized)

All clipart is provided in 3,000 x 3,000 pixel format. For more details about how you can use these graphics, please refer to our full terms of use.

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Includes colourful and black-and-white versions (+ matching PNGs with transparent backgrounds for use outside of Canva)!

Screenshot of 30 colourful spring-themed clipart images.
Screenshot of 30 black-and-white spring-themed clipart images.

NOTE: PNGs are not colour-changeable, but if you have Canva Pro, you can edit the colours in Canva and export your customized clipart as transparent PNGs to use outside of Canva. If you are creating your designs inside Canva, you will only need a free account.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to customize the colours, you will need only the free version of Canva. Simply edit the colours as you wish and use the clipart in your Canva designs as you normally would.

We have also provided transparent PNGs for both the coloured and black-and-white clipart images in case you wish to use them outside of Canva. However, please note that the PNG files are not colour-changeable.

As an alternative, you can customize the colours inside Canva and download the customized graphics as transparent PNGs to use in other programs. But please note that you will need a Canva Pro account in order to do this, as the free version of Canva doesn’t support downloading transparent PNGs.

After you enter your payment information and confirm your purchase, you’ll receive an email letting you know how to access the graphics. When you do, you will find download links for both the PNG files and the colour-changeable graphics that have been pre-loaded into Canva.

All of our products are hosted in our course platform, ThriveCart Learn. This allows you to easily access all your past freebies and purchases in one location!

Our commercial use license allows you to use our clipart in lead magnets or products that can be sold on your website, in your Shopify store or on platforms like Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers or Amazon KDP.

Because the clipart comes with PLR rights, you can use the graphics as-is without needing to modify, layer or combine them like you would graphics from Creative Fabrica or other marketplaces. However, please note that the graphics need to be used as part of a larger composition and cannot be resold as clipart.

Our graphics can only be used in products that grant customers personal use or school use, so you won’t be able to use them in PLR or MRR products. You’ll also need to make sure that any designs you create with our clipart are flattened and delivered to your customers in PDF, JPG or PNG format. (Your customers should not be able to extract or modify the clipart.)

You can view our full graphics license terms here.

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.

However, should you run into any issues with your purchase, please write to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have! You can contact us by email at [email protected] or via the form on our contact page.

Turn one image into several by customizing the colours in Canva…

4 types of spring graphics with the colours modified to create 4 versions of each.

…or use the black-and-white versions to create colouring activities!

Mockup of a colouring sheet made using the black-and-white spring graphics.

Our PLR license means that you don’t have to worry about modifying, layering or combining graphics—you can use the clipart as-is as long as you include it in a larger composition!

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